Wasiat (Indonesian; testament, heritage) is a tradition rooting in a history. The writing of testament is not only defined as message deliverance but also as an essential link among generation and civilization transition. Wasiat Agung Negeri Nusantara (WARISAN) is an exclusive event organized for the 3rd times, with this year theme “Citra Bahtera Nusantara”, showing 3 national heritages, which are Batik, Woven & Pearl. WARISAN Exhibition is specially destined to preserve national art and culture, as well as an appreciation for Batik, Woven & Pearl craftsmen, observers, entrepreneurs & producers.

The exhibition will be participated by 120 stands with distinguish Batik, Woven & Pearl products, with guarantee and authenticity. All Batik display will only be the one produced and processed with 100% hot malam (Indonesian; wax) apply with writing (Batik Tulis), stamping (Batik Cap) or combination of both (Batik Kombinasi). It will also display the masterpiece of NTT woven fabrics, as well as the luxurious Songket Woven from Palembang. And lastly, the Salt Water Pearl form Indonesia will also be shown in this exhibition, authentic and certified.

The product showing at WARISAN exhibition will go through selection process which will be done by curator team lead consists of:

  1. Mr. Komarudin Kudiya (Batik Curator)
  2. Mr. Romi Oktabirawa (Batik Curator)
  3. Mr. Dudung Alie Syahbana (Batik Curator)
  4. Mr. Zainal Arifin (Woven Curator)
  5. Mrs. Ratna Zhuhry (Pearl Curator)

This exhibition will become a promotional platform for Batik, woven and pearl craftsmen dan producers from all over the country exclusively, by providing primal services for both exhibitors and visitors, guaranteeing the authenticity and purity of Indonesian Batik, woven and pearl, and help conserving the existence the art of Indonesian Batik, woven & pearl business wise.

This year exhibition will be presented with Talkshow with Batik, woven dan pearl interesting topic, traditional music performance, BAHTERA (Batik, Tenun & Mutiara) quiza and games with million rupiah prizes and the Warisan Award acknowledgement.

WARISAN exhibition will be organized for 4 days from 22 – 25 November 2018 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan. Daily opened at 10 am – 09 pm. The exhibition will target retail transaction with amount of 20 billlion Rupiah and 10.000 visitors.

WARISAN Exhibition

Will be free of charge for visitors wearing Batik, woven or pearl and also for special invitation holder. Other than above mention terms, will be charge with admission fee of Rp.100.000,-.

For entrance recommendation, visitors are advised to go through venue gates as written below:

  • Gate 5 : access from Jl. Pintu I Senayan
  • Gate 9 & 10 : access from Jl. Gerbang Pemuda


For more information:

Website : www.pameranwarisan.com

Instagram : @pameranwarisan

Twitter : @PameranWarisan

Facebook : Warisan Exhibition

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