A beautiful vessel departs from a slick vessel design. The vessel design process is one of the essential foundations which significantly affects the process and results of shipbuilding. Begins with the speed performance, stability, comfort, security, and determining elegance from a suitable vessel design process.

Goesar Liveaboard vessel design process realizes from the owner requirements which then being assessed by a naval architect to ensure the vessel owner’s desire. A naval architect is a professional engineer responsible for vessel design, construction, and repair.

PT Goesar Global Pariwisata as the initiator of the first liveaboard cruise in Lake Toba, the company agreed to follow the vessel design process accordingly. During the design process, there is the naval architect, marine engineer, marine interior and exterior designer will be involved.

The vessel will be different from another in general, and the vessel design will adjust to the voyage area of Lake Toba which has different characteristics than the sea. The model of liveaboard vessel design is to accommodate guests to be able to spend the night aboard the vessel for days.

With a length of 32 meters, the vessel is designed to have six guest rooms with two rooms located on the main deck and four rooms under the main deck. An indoor restaurant which has many windows on its walls is available on the main deck, so guests can enjoy the fantastic view of Lake Toba while the chef served the menu. In addition to the indoor restaurant, an outdoor restaurant pampers the guests, whereby guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fresh air of Lake Toba. In front of the main deck, there is a multi-purpose room which has direct access to the outdoor restaurant.

The working crew who work on this vessel are also not forgotten, and they have a particular room to relax and get a decent rest. It is essential because the crew is responsible for the safety on board, other than that the vessel crew is required to provide services to guests to the fullest. Quality service is one of the preferred values in vessel operation.

This vessel has a service speed of 8 knots, and this is the optimal speed at which guests would be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Toba. Concerning safety, the vessel safety requirements are under the applicable safety requirements in Indonesia. Preparation for other exciting features is available on top of that, and the passengers can enjoy playing sailboats, kayak even stands up paddle board in the middle of Lake Toba. All activities will be guided by an experienced instructor for the safety of the guests while playing or having the events.

Waste management issue will also be the vessel owner’s main concerned, the vessel design is made in detail to accommodate its waste from the vessel without disrupting the activity on board. Furthermore, the waste will be channeled to land and will be managed accordingly so as not to pollute Lake Toba and also the surrounding area.

By Eky Bagaskara

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