on’t judge a book by its cover, Towil might look like a modest man from a small village of Bantar Banguncipto, Sentolo, Kulon Progo regency, Jogjakarta. His contribution to local tourism goes beyond his own vision. It was a pleasure to finally met with this extraordinary person, the founder of Towilfiets, a global brand which changest tourism perspective derives from passion and a very simple idea.

His story began in 1994 when Towil graduated from Senior High School, confused and wanted to seek life experience without any skill whatsoever. His life journey starts from one restaurant to another, working as a waiter for 1.5 years in one of a restaurant which is located in a tourism destination spot at Prambanan change his life forever. Without any knowledge of the foreign language, he discovered the real potential in him. Determined to learn a foreign language from colleagues (tour guides), he found his confidence and global networks there.

Following his destiny, he then worked as a drugstore clerk selling handicraft at a four-star hotel in Jogjakarta for 5 years and found his passion in a classic bike. While working at night, he sold more handicrafts to international buyers and his luck began to change. It goes the same with his passion, bought himself a classic bike then sold it to international buyers and bought two more bikes and there goes the initial story of a brand in the making.

In 2006, he founded POJOK a local classic bike enthusiast and community with some friends. His passion took over and unfortunately his life turning upside down and realized that he has to create something beneficial with his passion. One day a small reunion with an old tour guide friend change his life forever, he proposed a very simple idea to promote his village of Bantar Banguncipto, Sentolo at Kulon Progo regency as unique tourism destinations and at the same time keeping his passion alive with the classic bike. His friend was fond of his idea and Towilfiets was born.

Currently, his simple idea has become a global tourism brand. Towilfiest is well known in several countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Japan, and Hongkong. He is living his dream and currently has 100 exotic classic bikes to support his unique tourism concept. He is indeed the pride of Kulon Progo and a jewel in the making, respect!

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