Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, stated that tourism nowadays must use digital technology, 74 percent of foreign tourists entering Indonesia use the internet and smartphones. And the millennials are predicted have been dominated more than 50 percent of Indonesia’s tourism market.

From the TripAdvisor report, 50 percent of foreign tourists that come to Indonesia are millennials who have different tastes and travel habits. On average they use digital technology. Millennial tourists will continue to grow and become the main market. For the tourism market, Asia is dominated by millennial tourists aged 15-34 years old reaching up to 57 percent. In China, the millennial generation will reach 333 million, Philippines 42 million, Vietnam 26 million, Thailand 19 million, while Indonesia 82 million.  “Millennial tourists are the future market share. The prediction portion is about 7 million people. This number is around 34 percent of the target of 20 million foreign tourists in 2019. So, it must continue with many optimisms from now on. Who can win it will be a winner, who wins the future, win the game, ” said Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya.  Furthermore, the most effective way to work on it all is with Regulation and Technology. This has been proven, Indonesian tourism grows 22 percent above the average growth of world tourism, which is only 6.4 percent, and growth in ASEAN which reaches 7 percent.

When Indonesia’s growth is very high, it is because there are regulation and technology. Why can we grow 22 percent? Surely because we include these two strategic things. It is almost impossible to fulfill the wishes of millennial if they do not use digital support since digital platforms can drive both socially and economically.

The best market segmentation is by not segmenting them, this cannot be confirmed without digital support. In the digital era, we cannot see and measure millions of millennial, because in the digital world they cannot be grouped.

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