Almost two years ago since we launched this unique grassroots tourism digital magazine, we never could have imagined the vast growing development which we endured and sacrificed until today.

We believe tourism is still ‘sexy’ and in such a way to improve the quality of life and regional income of potential regencies across Indonesia. It’s not easy to penetrate potential regencies and at the same time creating our grassroots concept of tourism promotion awareness within those regencies.

Therefore, we initiate a different approach through our collaborative project with tourism professionals, bureaucrats, and educators to develop a tourism consultancy firm. Regency Development Consulting was established on March 30, 2019, by ten of its original founding members.

Regencies Development Consulting is a professional tourism consulting firm which focuses on sustainable tourism development across visionary regencies in Indonesia. The business model will benefit our grassroots clienteles to improve economic, social and aesthetic needs while also protecting the environment for the future generation.

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