District of Muara is part of the North Tapanuli Regency administration, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Despite its gorgeous landscape and abundance natural resources, Muara District holds a chilling trace of history that made one of Indonesia’s natural wonder, Lake Toba.

About 74.000 years ago, the third generation eruption so-called supervolcano (YTT, Youngest Toba Tuff) occurred known as Sibandang Caldera, in the west-southwest of the lake currently Muara District. Thick ignimbrite (volcanic rocks) covered up to 30,000 km of Northern Sumatra. The Toba super-volcano eruptions happened during the week.

The eruption created global climate change, a volcanic winter, especially in the northern hemisphere, massive death of homo sapiens and extinction of several species of flora and fauna. According to some DNA evidence, this eruption also reduced the number of man up to 60% of the total human population at that time.

Currently, the future of Lake Toba tourism potential lies in North Tapanuli Regency and Muara District being one of its territorial administration. With direct flights from Jakarta to Silangit Airport in Siborong-Borong District, traveling to Lake Toba is comfortably near and speed the flow of tourism potential within the area. The drive to Muara, usually takes 20 minutes with fantastic views along the way. So, let’s discover Muara District and experience what Lake Toba has to offer from a different angle.

By Wulung Damardoto
Source: from many sources

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