Banten, 11 January 2019

To accelerate recovery after the Sunda Strait tsunami on 22 December 2018 ago, the Ministry of Tourism held a “Coordination Meeting on the Recovery Strategy of the Tourism Sector in the Sunda Strait” at Hotel Marbella, Anyer, Banten on Friday (11/1/2019).  The meeting was attended by the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, as the keynote speaker and staff; Deputy Minister of Tourism Tourism Destination Development, Dadang Rizki Ratman; Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Ukus Kuswara; Deputy Marketing Development, I Rizky Handayani; Lampung Governor, M Ridho Ficardo; Banten Deputy Governor, Andika Hazrumy; and other tourism stakeholders and Tourism Minister’s officials.

“We gathered here, agree to announce the rising of Sunda Strait. There are Special Allocation Fund that already approved to be used to accelerate the recovery process, the amount is about Rp. 9 billion for Banten and Rp. 33 billion for Lampung.” said Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya.  In his speech,  the Minister, Arief Yahya, explained about  4 important points, those are the performance of the tourism sector, disaster mitigation, economic losses and the support of related ministries / industrial institutions.

“There are three stages in disaster mitigation; the emergency phase (has completed on 9th January), the rehabilitation phase and the normalization phase. The rehabilitation phase is the recovery of human resources, marketing, and restoration of destinations,” he explained.  The recovery of road, water, electricity should be coordinated with related department. Meanwhile, we can cooperate with OJK to provide light interest to help rebuild houses and residential areas. “We are also preparing 20 national events and 3 international events for marketing recovery,” added Minister of Tourism.

In the normalization phase (3 months after the crisis), the Ministry of Tourism will calculate the impact of the crisis, encourage the implementation of national and international MICE and tourism publications also promotions.  MICE or Meeting, Incentives, Conferencing & Exhibitions is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together.

“The way to convince people to travel here is by visit directly. Now we come here to make sure that tourism in Banten and Lampung ar save enough and can already be visited. The image in such a situation is very important,” said Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya.  The Minister is fully committed to reviving Banten and Lampung tourism. Governor of Lampung M Ridho Ficardo was very appreciative.  “As we know, the Ministry of Tourism is very common to build Indonesian tourism. Through this event, our tourism business can be re-emerged and indeed it proves that the synergy of the central, provincial and district governments is very important,” he said.

For recovery phase, Banten Deputy Governor, Andika Hazrumy, said that the Banten Regional Government had made various efforts, including the making of temporary housing, cooperate with BNPB and PUPR to build permanent housing, and accessibility reconstruction including road repairs from Carita to Tanjung Lesung.  “Banten has various tourism potentials such as marine tourism, religious tourism, natural tourism, cultural heritage, industrial tourism, and MICE tourism. To advance tourism development, the Banten Regional Government has prepared Disaster Mitigation SOPs, “Andika said.

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