The annual development exhibition event, Manunggal Fair was held in conjunction with the 68th Anniversary of the Kulon Progo Regency. It was officially opened on Friday (9/27/2019) by Deputy Regent of Kulon Progo, Drs.H. Sutedjo marked by the beating of a gong at the main stage of the Kulon Progo Cultural Park (TBK), Pengasih District.

Manunggal Fair 2019 will be held for the next 10 days, starts from September 27 until October 6, 2019, the exhibition presents a variety of potential local businesses, information and public entertainment with a total of 439 stands were participating. The Head of the Communication and Information Office (Diskominfo) of Kulon Progo Drs. Rudiyatno, M.M which also act as the head of the event committee said that the number of participants increase than last year:

“In 2018, the number of participants was only 208 stands, meanwhile this year there are 439 stands with a larger venue at the Kulon Progo Cultural Park and Pengasih Field. There are 57 regional governmental organizations (OPD) stands inside the Exhibition Hall Building. Besides that, there are potential local and culinary business stands in other areas,” said Rudiyatno.

Rudiyatno added that there were 239 stands at the official venue and the remaining 200 stands were at Pengasih Field. Participants consisted of regional governmental organizations (OPD), business and public, regional-owned business entities (BUMD), private companies, community organizations and businessmen.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Kulon Progo Sutedjo revealed that in the near future Kulon Progo can develop into a metropolitan city with the existence of Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA): “We know that this annual development fair is held to commemorate the 68th anniversary of Kulon Progo Regency. This is the first time this event is held at the Kulon Progo Cultural Park with its own appeal,” said Sutedjo.

Hopefully, the exhibition will exhibit many local potentials from all region of Kulon Progo. This also shows the implementation of the spirit of ‘Bela Beli Kulon Progo’ which is the spirit of optimizing local potential for economic improvement.

Source: Media Center of Kulon Progo

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