No, it’s not a title of a Holywood movie. It’s how we describe seven most essential regencies surrounding Lake Toba. Voted as 15 ‘Must See’ places in Indonesia by Tuttle Travel Pack, only one regency is popular amongst global travelers, Samosir.

In fact, Lake Toba has seven regencies with its hidden tourism potentials and diverse cultural experience.  Let’s talk about those seven regencies and guardians of Lake Toba:

  1. Simalungun (covers an area of 4,387 square kilometers)
  2. North Tapanuli (covers 3,765 square kilometers)
  3. Humbang Hasundutan (covers 2,297 square kilometers)
  4. Toba Samosir (covers 2,352 square kilometers)
  5. Dairi (covers 1,928 square kilometers)
  6. Tanah Karo (covers 2,127 square kilometers)
  7. Samosir (covers 2.434 square kilometers)

Lake Toba had shocked the world since 840,000 years ago when the first eruption of Mount Toba occurred. However, the third eruption which occurred 74,000 years ago was considered as the largest eruption of Mount Toba, and regard as the worst natural catastrophe in human history. Total darkness hit the earth for the next 1.000 years, winter lasted for six years, and even an anthropologist named Stanley Ambrose concluded the number of humans shrank (estimated only 2,000 to 20,000 people survived) due to this natural disaster.

As a result of the eruption, it creates a beautiful landscape called Lake Toba. A variety of natural wealth and the unique Batak cultural heritage also found. Lake Toba is the most massive lake in Indonesia and most probably the world. Extensively, the lake had an area of 1,265 square kilometers (length 100 square kilometers and a width of 30 square kilometers) and located at an altitude of 905 meters above sea level with a maximum depth of 529 meters. Amazing!

By Wulung Damardoto

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