As a marine planet and the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesians are very close and should always be close to the waters: the sea, the lake, and the river. We must respect the nature of the water environment if we chose to play there, by understanding the nature of the waters of either wave, currents, tides, winds, seabed and coastal with all the diversity of flora and fauna. By assuming the knowledge of the natural aquatic environment, fear and horror which may exist will disappear and slowly even instantly transformed into a passion, love, and admiration, in the end, be careful; it can be addictive!

Marine tourism on board a cruise vessel is one form of a lifestyle which is closer to the waters while enjoying the natural beauty of the sea, rivers, and lakes. If we stay and spend the night on a cruise vessel that wades the waters, then this activity is referred to as a liveaboard cruise.

Currently, liveaboard activities are popular in Mentawai and Rote for surfing, Komodo, Flores, in NTT, then the Maluku Islands, to Raja Ampat and Kaimana in Papua for diving, snorkeling, and coastal tourism. An incredible sensation felt while enjoying the natural beauty of the surface and underwater not to mention all the beaches and hills on the coast and interact with coastal archipelago residents rich with marine culture always brings its memories.

In 2019, a new liveaboard cruise experience will be available at Lake Toba. Yes, sailing on Lake Toba with a ream of stories and has a magnificence natural beauty from prairies, forest, hills, cliffs, and white sand beaches which have a sensation of its own. Being one with the calm, natural lakeside on a motorsailer presents 360-degree views from sunrise to sunset which will bring us into a peaceful atmosphere and refreshes the soul and mind.

Interaction with the civilization of Lake Toba communities will be the menu of this exploration by looking at traditional architecture, how they make woven fabrics, artistic expression, coffee gardening which produces famous coffee around the world. A cultural insight that enriches us once again between the human and natural environment in Lake Toba.

By Nino Krisnan

  1. Its a great idea to have a new kind of liveboard lifestyle in a lake , especially lake toba , its one of the biggest lake in Indonesia and have a magnificent view from the lake .

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