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Kulon Progo Regency


Kulon Progo (read [ˈkulɔn ˈprɔɡɔ]) Regency is one of the four regencies within the special region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is located on the island of Java with co-ordinates 7°38′42″S 110°1′37″E. The regency's name derived from the fact that it is situated to the west ('Kulon' in Javanese) of the Progo River. Its capital is Wates and headed by a Regent. Surrounded by the Menoreh hills, the area of the Regency is about 586.27 km², with its population of 404,155 and population density of 690/km² (based on 2014 census). Kulon Progo is divided into 12 districts as follows: Temon, Wates, Panjatan, Galur, Rendah, Sentolo, Pengasih, Kokap, Girimulyo, Nanggulan, Kalibawang, and Samigaluh.
Acting Regent
Drs. H. Sutedjo


In 1674, the Sultanate Mataram of Yogyakarta was being attacked by Trunojoyo which received assistance from Makassar. As a result, the palace was damaged which forced Amangkurat I to flee and seek help to the Dutch colonial army. Unfortunately, Amangkurat I died during the escape in Tegal.

To anticipate another attack from Trunojoyo's loyal followers, in 1677 the Sultanate of Mataram led by the crowned prince Amangkurat II requested the Regent of Ponorogo to safeguard the palace with the help of 'Bala Warok' or Ponorogo's famous versed of soldiers.With such an arrangement, Trunojoyo has difficulties to penetrate the palace and was arrested and sentenced to death in 1679. As a gift from Amangkurat II, Bala Warok received the west part of the palace as their new settlement and was called 'Kulon Ponorogo'. The settlement was then popular or simply known as 'Kulon Progo' until today.

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